Deep Dive in to Virtualization & Cloud

September 2022

  • What’s New in vSphere 8 – An Overview

    VMware announced vSphere 8 In VMware Explore 2022 and it is officially expected to be available by October last. Also keep in mind vSphere 6.5 and 6.7 is End of general support by 15th October 2022. vSphere 8 is come up with significant improvements and wide variety of new features. In this blog we will… Continue reading

  • What is VMware HCX

    VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) is an all-in-one workload mobility tool. It enables migrations and cloud onboarding without the need to retrofit the source infrastructure by building an abstraction layer between on-premises data centers and the cloud. VMware HCX is an application mobility platform that is designed for simplifying application migration, workload rebalancing, and business continuity… Continue reading