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Reset Workspace One Access Root Password

Formerly VMware Identity Manager, is the product of the Security and Compliance layer that provides identity and access management to end users. Workspace ONE Access provides a common experience for accessing on-premises or SaaS applications, while also providing administrators visibility into user application accessibility, who uses what or when, and the frequency of access. Workspace ONE Access works together with your primary identity providers while acting as a broker into the Software-Defined Data Center and End User Computing platforms.

Problem statement

Recently I was trying to initiate a Power on of Workspace One Access 3.3.6 from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager and end up with below error. I retired with other possible password but no luck.

Also tried to visit VMware appliance configurator page(https://IPAddress:8443/cfg/) to reset the password but it was not giving option to reset. It seems I have changed the password from Appliance configuration and forgot to update the Lifecycle Manager Locker Password. In one of the VMware KB its is explained this can happen because of the space issue in /var directory.


To reset root account password from single user mode

Reboot the appliance from vCenter server console view and when the Photon OS splash screen appears as it restarts, type the letter e to go to the GNU GRUB edit menu quickly.

in the GNU GRUB edit menu, go to the end of the line that starts with linux, add a space, and then add the following code exactly as it appears below

rw init=/bin/bash

Now type Ctrl+X or F10 to proceed with single use shell mode and this will give you below console.

At the command prompt, type passwd and then type (and re-enter) a new root password that conforms to the password complexity rules of Photon OS. Remember the password.

Next, type the following command to unmount the root filesystem

umount /

Finally, type the following command. You must include the -f option to force a reboot; otherwise, the kernel enters a state of panic.

reboot -f

After the Photon OS machine reboots, log in with the new root password.

Also, you can make the root password to never expire by using below command

chage -I -1 -m 0 -M 9999 -E -1 root

Now you must create a new password entry in the Lifecycle Manager Password Locker for Workspace One Access.

Now in the failed Lifecycle Manager Operation you can Retry with the new password created.

After now you can see the request is completed successfully.

Also adding below KBs for your reference

vMware KB

Photon OS KB


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