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VMware vCloud Director Org vDC Configuration

VMware vCloud Director (vCD) is deployment, automation, and management software for virtual infrastructure resources in multi-tenant cloud environments. VMware vCloud Director provides role-based access to a Web console that allows the members of an organization to interact with the organization’s resources to create and work with vApps and virtual machines.

In this blog we will do learn how we can create and configure the Organization VDC


An organization is the fundamental vCloud Director grouping that contains users, the vApps that they create, and the resources the vApps use. It is a top-level container in a cloud that contains one or more Organization Virtual Data Centers (Org vDCs) and Catalog entities. It owns all the virtual resources for a cloud instance and can have many Org vDCs.

To create a new organization, Click on New under Organization tab

Provide Organization name and full name then click Create

External Network

The External Network is the network created by the Service Provider to allow virtual machines in organizations in the Cloud to access the outside world (Internet). Before creating an external network, you setup a vNetwork Distributed Switch (vDS) which is backed a VLAN or VxLAN as per your design, as this is a prerequisite for the creation of certain Network Pool types in VMware vCloud Director.

In my case I have created a VLAN based network under the Edge Distributed switch which will act as an Uplink of Dreams Organization vDC.

To create an External Network, Click New under External Network tab

In my case it is a vSphere Distributed switch I have selected same and click on Next

Provide the name for your External Network and click Next

Select the respective VLAN backed port group which you have created and click Next

Provide the Gateway CIDR, DNS and Static Pool Details for this External Network and click Next, From this pool Edge Service Gate way will be taking its IP and Gateway IP

Review and verify the provided configuration and click Finish to create External Network

Organization vDC

Now you organization and respective External Network is ready, then we can create organization vDC. Click New under Organization vDC

Provide the new Organization vDC name and click Next

Select the Organization on which this vDC will reside and click Next

Select the Provider vDC on you will provision your workloads and click Next

Select the Allocation Model and Click Next, in my case I will be mentioning the compute and storage quota for this vDC as Allocation Pool

Mention the compute resource details and click Next

Select the Storage Policy with allocated storage value for this vDC and click Next

You can select multiple storage policies, and this will device which cluster your will run

Select the network pool on which your VxLAN based Organization vDC network will be created and click Next

Review your configuration and click Finish to create the Organization vDC

Now you can see a new Organization vDC is created and respective Resource Pool, Folder Structure in vCenter

Edge Service Gateways

The ESG gives you access to all NSX Edge services such as firewall, NAT, DHCP, VPN, load balancing, and high availability. You can install multiple ESG virtual appliances in a data center. Each ESG virtual appliance can have a total of ten uplink and internal network interfaces. With a trunk, an ESG can have up to 200 sub interfaces. The internal interfaces connect to secured port groups and act as the gateway for all protected virtual machines in the port group.

To create Edge Gateway for the created Organizational vDC click on New under Edge Gateway tab

Select the Organization and click Next

Provide the Edge Gateway name and enable Distributed Logical Router if required, High Availability, appliance size etc and click Next

Select the External Network for this Edge Gateway and click Next

Select the Default Gateway for the Edge Service Gateway appliance and click Next

Select the required additional parameters which you want to configure for this Edge Gateway and click Next

Provide the Edge Gateway IP address and click Next

Provide the sub allocated IP pool and click Next

Limit the bandwidth for the Organization vDC if required and click Next

Review your configuration and click Finish to deploy the Edge Service Gateway

This will deploy two Edge Gateways in High Availability for Dreams Organization vDC in Edge Cluster.

Now your organization vDC is ready to Onboard Tenant Workloads and Network.

In upcoming blogs, we will discuss more on VMware vCloud Director. To make this vCD series more understandable, I am splitting this into multiple blogs

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